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Welcome to BREViTii
(AKA Cougar Tech Inc)

Brevitii (Also Known as Cougar Tech Inc) is an IT company, based in the heart of Silicon Valley, California, with over 10 years of proud services in the IT industry. We have a track record of executing IT projects, is impecable with cleints in a wide range of verticals, with techonologies and tools spanning across many horizontals....



Accolades and Apreciations

We have assisted companies is deploying a wide variety of Mobile applications on Android and iOS platforms. We have received several accolades and awards from our clients for deplying apps at record times, while maintaining an impecable eye for details and outstanding quality.


Brevitii (Also Known as Cougar Tech Inc) is lead by experts in the fields, who have a track record working in the Industry as Architects, and Management leaders from the Industry. Our technology experts come from a wide and varied background, with enviable achivements of having delivered most complex projects, using continous integration with latest cutting edge technologies. 


Brevitii(Also Known as Cougar Tech Inc)has enabled new business capabilities through using cutting edge technologies. We are Subject Matter Experts in a wide range of Cloud Technologies (Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Services, Azure etc.), and have providing cutting edge consulting in Strategic as well tactical levels, implementing DevOps, complete CICD platform, implementing Big-data solutions using Hadoop, yarn to name a few.

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